Short Term Loans

At Hamilton Pawnshop we lend money over short term periods (usually 3 months) against portable security. This means no credit history is required!

These loans are lent primarily against jewellery items but can also include personal goods such as iPods (Registered Trade Mark), tools, laptops, stereo systems and other modern day electronics. For a comprehensive list of items we loan against click here.

Our professional staff will evaluate your item, then once both parties have agreed on the loan amount you will need to produce sufficient id which include:

  • Name
  • D.O.B
  • Current Address

You will then be asked to sign our pledge docket. The pledge docket states all terms and conditions. By signing this form, you are stating that you are the owner of the goods being pawned.

Lastly and most importantly, receive your cash… enjoy!

Loans are for 3 months but can be easily extended by paying the extension fee of one month’s interest at any given time within the current loan period.