1. The loan period is a minimum of three months for all goods. The interest rate is up to 20% per month or part thereof. (1 week equals one months interest, 5 weeks equals 2 months interest and so on), until the loan period expires. The annual interest rate is up to 240%.
  2. This pledge can be extended at anytime by payment of interest and customer signing an extended agreement with the licensee.
  3. Hamilton Pawnshop will NOT accept pawn goods on behalf of another person. No pledge will be released without this ticket unless sufficient identification is provided. Only persons pledging goods may redeem the goods, unless a signed statement acceptable to Hamilton Pawnshop with original pledge ticket authorising another person to do so is provided.
  4. Pledged goods may not be redeemed in part and will be stored at Hamilton Pawnshop during the redemption period. All expired pledges will be sold at the licensees approved premises, otherwise at public auction sites as listed. Combined Auctions 42 Wattle St., Ultimo, Bonham Goodmans 7 Anderson St., Double Bay and www.hamiltonloans.com.au or @ebay.com
  5. All expired pledges will incur a monthly safekeeping fee, equal to the interest rate payable, until sold and will attract a sale disposal fee of $50 or 30% of the sale price, whichever is the greater, plus any additional receipted repairs or services.
  6. Hamilton Pawnshop is not liable, other than applied under Common Law, for any loss, damage or deterioration of the pledge goods arising due to fire, theft, storm or tempest, act of God, civil commotion or other acts reasonably beyond its control howsoever occurring. Subject to the preceding terms, in the event of any liability of Hamilton Pawnshop for goods lost or damaged, it is acknowledged and agreed that the pinciple monies advanced, plus 3 months interest charges payable under the contract, shall represent the second-hand market replacement value of the goods and that the payment and or set-off of such moneys by Hamilton Pawnshop shall constitute a full and final discharge of any claim in respect of the goods.
  7. If you are pawning the goods: You must fill out the Pledge Docket Form and sign it so that the pawnbroker can be sure that you are the owner of the goods or that you have the authority of the owner to pawn the goods.
  8. Warning: any information that you provide will be passed onto the police. It is a crime to give false information or to make a false statement on the Pledge Docket Form. Max penalty is $5500.
  9. We will lend from $5 to $20,000 with adequate security.

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