Refund / Exchange Warranty Policy

When purchasing items from Hamilton Pawn Shop in store or online, customers are
entitled to assume:

* The items they are purchasing are of satisfactory quality.
* The goods are tested and are in safe working condition when sold.
* That where any written description is applied to the goods, that the goods
match that description.

If the above are breached or any items are deemed faulty, the customer may be
entitled to certain remedies which include repair, replacement or refund.


Most items sold at Hamilton Pawn Shop are covered by our 90 day warranty. This
means if your item arrives damaged or becomes faulty within 90 days of your
purchase, you may contact the store for refund, exchange or repair.
Please note that this 90 day warranty only covers faults with an item, and does
not cover refunds for change of mind.


All goods need to be assessed before the approval of a refund, this may include a
relevant technician assessing the items.


Warranties do not cover items that buyers have attempted to repair themselves.
Or if the buyer has physically damaged, misused, modified or transformed the goods
in any way.


Warranties on technology items do not cover recovering data that is lost due to
power problems, hardware failure, malware, viruses, software updates or user error.
Please note that some items will be sold “as is” or “parts only”. This means, they are
not covered by any warranty.


Due to the nature of second-hand goods and the fact that each item has its own
unique history, certain items may be exempt from the usual 90 day warranty, due to
the nature of the item.


If you have any questions about a second hand item and the warranty it may be
covered by, please contact our store.